Fragile Backstage
The project is  done in honor of the dolls created by the Popovy sisters ( all the props were custom for the project by me and my set designer and costume designer Flavia Fg Tomassi. It took me almost 2 year to finish the project, we actually made a teapot out of a  wooden stucture that was about  to become a tie fighter and the entire work is olso in memory of a great man oscar winner Manlio Rocchetti that allowed us to use some of his wigs (one in particular is the  original wig used in Dracula of Coppola  re adapted for the shooting) he died before the end of the project.
The project is shoot partially in an art gallery in Rome called Tibaldi Art Gallery and the other half at DEPaolis Studios in Rome.DETAIL_the beautiful @korlanmadi is wearing a hat made bv the super talented @fg_tomassi done entirely with plastilin and painted by me.Detail______ her tears where for a real event that shocked her life, few days before the shooting her parents lost their house in central Italy for a powerful earthquake. #prayforamatrice –
Here  all the credits:

homage to the Popovy Dolls Sisters and their beautiful creations
in memoria di Manlio Rocchetti
Models: @korlanmadi @olgashutieva @opheliamillaiss

photographer: @petruccimarta

set designer and costumes: @fg_tomassi Flavia F.G. Tomassi

leather accessories RHÉA saturnine.leathercrafts

brand: @federicaparmeggiani.lingerie

mua: @danielepeluso_makeupartist

mua assistant: Cecilia Baviera @alicequartaronemakeup

Hairstyling :@danilo_spacca_hairstylist

Hairstyling assistant: Eleonora La Rosa e Camilla Cantini

Bodypainting :@ludva89

Video :Francesco A. D’Aloi Giorgio Clementelli

Location: Tibaldi Galleria Contemporanea

Artdirection and producer :Marta Petrucci

co-producer: Flavia Fg Tomassi

Runner: Giorgio Cinque

special thanks to Fulvio Pannese .

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